Welcome to Karben Industries

Manufacturer and distributor of Australia’s leading Aluminium Gutter Mesh protection products.

We are committed to providing the highest quality Aluminium Gutter Mesh products and an unmatched level of service.

Gutter Guard

Whether you’re protecting roof gutters from birds, vermin or leaves we have the Aluminium Gutter Mesh solution. Our proven system is suitable for use in all BAL’s, offering peace of mind and year round protection.

Ember Guard

When your project specifically calls for ember guard or if you are looking for protection from smaller debris, our 1.9mm woven mesh provides the level of protection you require.

Solar Panel Guard

Pigeons and other birds nesting under solar panels is becoming a frustrating issue for homeowners. Our Solar Panel Guard eliminates birds without voiding the solar panel system warranty.

Aluminium Gutter Mesh

Wholesale Gutterguard Supplies

Karben Industries is an Australian owned and operated company, focused on manufacturing and distributing quality gutter guard, ember guard and bird proofing products, Australia wide.

Karben Industries offers the entire range of gutter guard componentry at genuine wholesale prices. If you are looking for a reliable, customer service orientated supplier for all your gutter guard, ember guard and bird protection needs, contact us today.

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