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Simple, Efficient & Effective.

Our Karben Guard gutter protection system relies on the unique “ski slope” design to restrict leaves, debris and vermin from entering roof gutters, valleys and downpipes. The system uses the slope of the roof to divert unwanted materials onto the mesh and then of the roof alltogether. This style off gutter protection has been used since the late 1980s and is widely accepted as the most efficient product on the market by most gutter and roofing industry professionals.

Gutter Mesh

Metal Roof
Tile Roof

gutter mesh

Gutter Mesh

3.5 mm Aluminium Gutter Mesh​

Gutter Mesh

3.5 mm Heavy Aluminium Gutter Mesh

Ember Guard

1.9mm Aluminium

4mm HDPE (Poly) Gutter Mesh​

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