10mm HDPE (Poly) Vermin Guard

Solar Panel Guard
Solar Panel Bird Mesh

Solar Panel Bird Protection Mesh

High Density Poly Ethylene mesh is commonly used in Australia for many commercial and industrial applications. In our industry, it has been used as gutter protection mesh for more than 30 years and is now also being used in the vermin protection sector.

This high quality Australian made mesh is manufactured using industry leading extruding technology and is specially formulated with additional UV stabilisers

It is supplied in 30m rolls at 225mm and available in black. It has a mesh weight of 810 g/m2


Base Material HDPE (Poly)
Aperture 10 x 10
Application Type Bird/Vermin Guard
Coating/Colour Black
Manufacturing Technique Extruded
Strand Thickness 3mm (approx)
Mesh Width 225mm
Roll Length 30m
Mesh Weight (approx) 810 g/m2
Warranty 6 Years
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