Solar Panel Bird Mesh

Solar Panel Guard

Solar Panel Bird & Vermin Protection

Solar Panel Bird Mesh – It is estimated that almost a 3rd of all homes in Australia have rooftop solar systems installed which equates to approximately 3,000,000 homes. With solar panel installations being such a major investment, it is important to make sure that birds and vermin do not damage or reduce the efficiency of the panels. Additionally, nesting birds and vermin can create a number of health concerns for occupants as a result of droppings and lice.

Solar panel bird proofing is a safe and humane method of excluding birds and vermin from nesting and damaging wires underneath your solar panel systems and is installed without voiding the solar panel system warranty.

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Before After
Solar Panel Bird Mesh

12.5mm Stainless Steel Vermin Guard

Solar Panel Bird Mesh

10mm HDPE (Poly) Vermin Guard

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