Karben Solar guard DOES NOT compromise or void your solar panel system warranty, unlike many other methods which are considered ‘unauthorised modifications’ to your solar panel system.

Tools required for installation - Metal cutters, pliers.

1. Roll out mesh along the first section of installation.
2. Aline mesh with the top of the panel frame. Insert hook end of fixing clip through the mesh, clip to the panel and apply pressure.
3. Slide fastening washer down the clip until it firmly holds the mesh against the panel frame.
4. Continue along panel and attach clips approximately 400mm apart or as required.
5. Joining mesh – Ensure a minimum of 50mm overlap of the mesh and secure using cable ties.
6. External corners – In line with the corner of the panel, carefully cut a vertical slit in the mesh to allow it to bend around the panel frame. If required cut a small section of mesh to cover any gap created and fix using cable ties.
7. Internal corners – In line with where the panels meet, carefully cut mesh vertically from the bottom until the required angle is achieved. Secure overlapping flaps with cable ties.
8. Panel brackets – Cut vertically starting from the top of the mesh, down each side of the protruding solar panel bracket and place a fixing clip and washer approx. 30mm to each side of the bracket.
9. To provide a neat and secure finish, tag end of clips should be trimmed and bent upwards with pliers as illustrated.


See Installation Video  Alternate External Corner Method


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